It is always nice to have a change of environment regardless of your home or workplace. As a matter of fact, the thought of converting the space into our dream space is exciting. Now, where do you start? Here are a few tips from our Creative Director, Joseph Chong.

1. Identify Your Property’s Condition

This is especially important for a pre-owned or existing property. By identifying the condition, one could determine if the house only requires a simple renovation or remodeling. It is always advisable to identify the fundamental structure or fittings, and by working gaining this insights, house owner or the Interior Designer will be able to plan project better.

2.Determine What NEEDS to be Done

Plumbing? Electricity? Flooring? Determine which part of the house that requires attention. Does it require a repair or replacement?


Befriend with the Interior Designer. Feel free to share with them your dream space design that you can find on Pinterest (a place with lots of great references), and do not hesitate to share a bit more on your lifestyle and hobby. By learning more about you, the Interior Designer will be able to do better space planning for you.


Share your budget with the Interior Designer and let them advise you what can be done or what should be done first, and what not. By being honest with the budget that you have, the Interior Designer will be able to work out the cost for you, and plan the renovation on your behalf.

Once the above is set, you may get the ball rolling and you will be one step closer to your dream house.

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