Santa Claus. Have you ever thought that he is one of the most famous influencers in the whole marketing history? When the Christmas festive season is around the corner, many brands use Santa Claus (and these days there are more modern dressing Santa but the signature white beard is still maintained to keep the identity) for their festive products. Events during this season will also be centered around Santa Claus.

When you hear the word “Influencer”, people will usually think of Celebrities. However, the influencer used in a marketing effort may also be of an industry leader or even a company’s leader such as the CEO or Founder. An influencer can also be a group or a brand instead of an individual. For example, Innisfree (a Korean beauty product brand) has recently worked with Mentos on one of their product packagings. Both brands are well-known brands and they have collaborated with each other to further widen their reach to the Audience.

Organizations adopt influencer marketing for a few reasons: –

  1. To gain a wider reach to the Audience who are still their target,
  2. Able to generate higher ROI,
  3. The approach does not appear to be pushy especially for new Audience,
  4. An influencer will be able to provide valuable information, and
  5. Suitable to be incorporated in any event strategy.

When choosing an influencer to appear or represent your Organization’s event or exhibition, you will need to ensure that the influencer chosen is relevant to your business nature. In another word, the relevancy will also reflect the authenticity of the influencer. To better enhance the influencer’s role, you may want to consider involving the influencer in other marketing efforts for them to connect to your brand better and to increase their authenticity and knowledge of the product they are representing.

Engaging an influencer may be costly, but also cost-free at times. This depends on the compensation made beforehand. The compensation may appear in the form of payment, or free products or services. Whichever the compensation is, both parties need to ensure that they have mutually agreed on it to avoid future disputes which may affect a brand or individual.

Many Organizations have their own corporate identity. However, when it comes to influencer marketing, the Organization must be open to accept the brand presentation style done by the influencer. With this flexibility, it will be easier for the influencer to market your brand.

To see if the influencer marketing strategy works well for your Organization, you may monitor the number of followers or sales performance. These are the measurable results to tell if the strategy works well. If you are new in this, it is good to work out the influencer marketing strategy with the core person in the Organization to get a better picture of the right influencer to be used.

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