High speed phones. Self-driving cars. Smart Cities. Internet of Things (IoT). Streaming movies, music, and games with zero lag.  Everyone is overwhelmed for these technologies improving our lives and tying them all with the next-generation cellular network known as 5G. Qualcomm, in fact, announced the launch of the Qualcomm Ventures 5G Ecosystem Fund to invest up to an aggregate of $200 million in companies building the 5G ecosystem. According to Ookla (,  20 network operators have provided the technology across 294 locations in continents including the Americas and Australia 5G and 303 network operators going through the deployment is a global phenomenon that will quickly change the way most industries operate.

5G supports the technology that will change most industries thoroughly and the event industry is no exception. It will be a game-changer for conferences, exhibitions and meetings. “5G will provide a faster data speed and carry a massive amount of data for a large number of simultaneous users. So users in high-density areas — like airports, stadiums, or urban areas — can still experience the fast speeds and low latency of 5G service,” Michele Dupré, the Group Vice President of Verizon Enterprise Solutions, wrote in an article for Here are a few areas that benefits from this 5G integration.

Streaming Services

5G is expected to work at a lightning fast speed up to 1,000 times faster than 4G/LTE networks. Live streaming has become an essential for the event industry. 5G networks improves the streaming processes that will be far more seamless and new ways to provide streamed events will manage to increase the audience and beneficial for the group who unable to attend the event. With the actualization of this network, there are greater possibilities of applying technologies such as AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality).

Event Attendee

With the changing needs of attendees, event organizers will be able to provide more value and a viable experience through 5G networks such as resourceful, better curated events accessible through mobile phones. Other than that, it has the significant ability to support for faster data transfer and graphics streaming.

5G-Enabled System

Safety and security of any event are an indispensable aspect. 5G networks will enable increased connectivity for the security system, smooth communication in any state of emergency, and efficiency in analyze security threats. Nevertheless, Reed Peterson, head of Mobile World Congress Americas and GSMA told VenuesNow that 5G-Enabled system also helps to automate the venue’s operation by providing streamline and automate maintenance-related processes. “For example, increased network connectivity can allow for buildings to install a remotely operated automated system that’ll control ventilation and air conditioning, lighting, and other systems through a management system — from anywhere in the world via 5G-powered sensors.”

Event Planning

Current technologies and processes require a network that is accessible, reliable, and extremely fast to ensure the current events are stand out and drives innovation with new and exciting ideas for the events of the future. We are expecting 5G integration to transform and to take the next leap forward to revolutionize the current way we plan events.

With the ever-evolving technology, every industry will need to learn to embrace these technologies and make the best out of it to create more convenience for the business.

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