Metal mesh has been the material widely used in construction areas which serves to increase the strength of formed concrete structures. These days, many designers have stepped out of the boundary and have creatively applied the use of metal mesh as part of the structure design. This application is not limited to just permanent installation structures but also temporary installations like exhibition booths. 

Here are the two commonly used types of mesh wires that we have picked out for this article.

Perforated Mesh

Perforated Mesh has a structural strength on its own and made it suitable to be used as a standalone structure. Perforated Mesh has has been uniformly or mechanically stamped or punched using laser cutting or CNC technology to create a variety of holes, shapes, or configurations. One of the creative ways to use this mesh is to use it as a front layer of a lighted structure. This can create a simple yet attractive feature for the space.

Expanded Mesh

Expanded metal mesh is produced by cutting a pattern of slits in a metal coil, then stretching (or “expanding”) it so that the slits become diamond-shaped holes. It has its strength on its own but it requires additional framing to hold up the mesh. Expanded metal mesh can be used as a partition to enhance the existing structure. Besides that, it is also more cost-effective which makes it suitable for large-scale or temporary applications.

Below are some temporary and permanent structure references using the above mentioned material.

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