Technologies such as artificial intelligence are vital to maintain a constant growth and rapidly becoming a commonly-used competitive tool for businesses. Artificial intelligence (AI) fundamentally refers to computer software or machines that function tasks typically reserved for human-level cognition and intelligence.

AI has been making a mark across varied businesses and the MICE industry is fast catching up with this trend. In MICE industry, the sooner you adopt smart technologies, the better it would be for your success as it can be used to perform a broad range of tasks. AI has been blending into our lives since we have been introduced to the digital economics such as Siri or Alexa, the voice-activated virtual assistants, Chatbots, the human conversation imitation system, Facial Recognition and etc.

AI replicates the decisions and actions like human as well as creating new experiences to meet the rapidly changing needs of users that have been challenging MICE’s value chain from the past on how to satisfy the users and to meet their requirements. Here are a few common examples that AI is changing the MICE industry:

1. Chatbots – An Event Support

The combination of human touch and efficiency of a robot such as Chatbots has created a personalized attendee experiences.  Chatbots can acts as digital event concierge that helps to buy you some time to focus on more pressing matters than answering repetition questions like ‘What time is the next session? Which session do you recommend?’ By building an event chatbot within the conference platform with sessions, exhibitors and networking suggestions tailored for each individual attendee that able to do it around the clock with a faster rate than you can do.

2. Facial Recognition – Self Check In/ Registration

Based on the survey of event management company Etouches, 42% of worldwide meeting planners stated that managing the on-site registration and check-in process are the biggest pain points during an event especially when comes to large events with thousands of visitors. Thus, facial recognition is a tool that able to benefit a quicker check-in process to relieve the pressure of the planners. Nowadays we will notice more self-check-in booths that can scan and recognize an attendee’s face and print their badges in seconds. In the 2017 International Corporate Events awards in London, an event registration platform Ya Ya Regie used Zenus facial recognition software created a truly personalized experience. Attendees required to upload a picture of their faces as a face signature beforehand. During the check-in process, staffs used a tablet and mobile devices to read facial features, checked-in attendees, and printed out the badges, or put the tablet facing the line and automatically checked-in as attendees walked by. Zenus facial recognition program is accurate 99% of the time with 1,000 faces in the database. This could potentially optimize the process flows of your business.

3. Event Matchmaking App – Networking Opportunities

Professional attendees tend to attend events with high expectation of networking as their key reasons to attend an event are to communicate, learn and make valuables business contracts but hardly reach their expectation as they hope for. AI matchmaking such as an event matchmaking app will be a solution. Eventually AI matchmaking is not a new face but having the same way as using social media like Facebook or LinkedIn by matching the attendees’ interests, conference, event or exhibition to attend based on their behavioural data. All they need to do are register their account, filter the selections of suggested attendees, and answer questions about their interests. An example that we can bring up will be Swapcard supports the OECD Forum with AI technology to connect and exchange open discussions and solutions among 3,000 participants.

It’s time to get on board as AI helps to improve clients experience and makes operational efficiency into your event planning. Say HI to a greater MICE industry!

Talk to us if you to find out on how you can adopt the AI in your business.

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