Public health and safety practice will be the “new normal” that everyone will be looking forward to, after this pandemic. As an experienced exhibitions and events management specialists, we are responsible to ensure these safety practices are put into place.


Put up Signage

Signages and general reminders can serve as a precautionary notice to all exhibitors, contractors and even exhibition visitors, on the importance of adhering to strict guidelines at all times especially when at the premises. Simple, direct and easy to comprehend signages should be ever present during the exhibition to remind everyone to always adhere to the W.A.S.P guidelines;

  • Wash their hands with soap frequently
  • Always wear and keep their face masks on throughout the exhibition
  • Sanitize their hands every now and then
  • Practice a recommended 1 metre social distancing


Body Temperature Screening, Provide Face Mask and Hand Sanitizer

As the world also embarks to transition to the “new normal” way of operating; governments, office buildings, education centres, and places of worship have already adapted to a new way of operating. There is no reason for exhibitions and events to not be as adaptive with a goal to ensure all of their exhibitors and visitor’s health and safety are safeguarded. Strict and disciplined body temperature screening stations at all entry points of the premises should be enforced, to ensure everyone who is about the enter the premises do not have any symptoms that may pose as a threat to everyone. Exhibition organizers may also go the extra mile by providing face masks to everyone who has passed through the body temperature scanning station. Sufficient hand sanitisers at multiple points of the exhibition hall or event space can be provided as well, to ensure everyone in the premises sanitize their hands as frequent as possible.


Clean and Disinfect Regularly

The general cleanliness of the premises should not only be the sole responsibility of exhibition organizers, but such responsibility should also be shouldered by exhibitors as well. Regular cleaning and disinfecting of common areas and exhibition booths will and should be fundamental to both parties, in order to ensure no viruses or germs are spread throughout the exhibition. A comprehensive and disciplined cleaning and disinfection schedule should be enforced, with the main goal to ensure everyone within the premises are in a safe environment.

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