Go Paperless
When there’s a will, there’s a way. Going paperless when it comes to event often leads to great impact. Instead of mailing out invites, printing memos we can always opt for an informative event page, that way it allow you to reach your audience in a more efficient manner. Why print and note on attendance when we have an event app for you to monitor the attendance? Isn’t it great to be able to check for event itinerary, seating, promotion, updates etc for the event instead of having to check on the event board? At least you’re much cooler than your peers now.


Support The Locals
It’s always about taking care of one another, taking care of our mother nature. When it comes to sourcing the things we need for all event, try to engage with more local resources as much as we can. By implementing this initiative in your planning, we will be able to cut down on transportation which helps to reduce our carbon footprint. We need more local heroes like you, let’s all be one.


Event Waste
Take a step further in collaborating with venue to plan up on event waste management. Most of the time we have excessive materials be it event collaterals or even food whenever an event is held, to ensure all excessive materials to be handled with care, it’s crucial that we communicate with venue’s person-in-charge before planning an event at their respective space. Making sure recycling initiative will be taken after the event, and on food wise, we can always provide for those who in needs. Want to go the extra miles? Biodegradable cups, plates and utensils would be a great area to look into. After all, it’s about giving back to the community. Let’s work hand in hand and make this a better place for all.

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