Whenever we run an event, we always need to make sure the venue has the proper facilities, space, accessibility and aesthetic wise, it needs to be on par to the brand image or the event concept. This applies the same to when we are running a virtual event. Virtually, we can make sure that these are fulfilled through the first point of touch, which is the event microsite.


A microsite, or it can be called a mini site, is a branded site that focus on a narrow content area and is usually outside of the main brand website. A microsite is usually created to define a specific purpose within at a specific timeline.


Better Event Branding

Having an event microsite allows a brand to create a unique brand experience and be different from the usual.

Better Targeted Messaging

Visitors do not need to go through too much information before going to the events’ information, and this will help them to focus better. As internet users are bombarded by too much information these days, they may lose their attention while searching for the event information and eventually drop out of the search.

Easier to Setup

Certain companies will have a tedious process to go through in order to access the company’s main website. Hence, many internal event team will not want to go through the time consuming process to put up an event into the website. By adopting a microsite for an event, an event team may quickly start their event campaign as of when is needed.

Better to Grab Attention

When an event is branded at the front face, it will be able to capture the audiences’ attention with the new information as the design and contents appeal to the event.

Targeted Data Tracking

When done right, the landing data will give a valuable insights on the effectiveness of the event or campaign. The marketers will be able to secure relevant data for their onwards follow up.

Interested to learn more on how a microsite works? Feel free to drop us a message or email and our team will contact you.

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