What is employer branding ?

Employer branding gives employees an idea of the culture and reputation of the company. In other words, employer branding is how you market your company to others.

Why is it so important ? 

Employer branding is crucial in the success and growth of the company. Without a good employer branding, the company will lose out potential employees as they will not have an idea of how it is like to work for the company. Besides, the company’s turnover rate and the cost of hiring will also be affected.

How can it be done? 

  1. Leveraging different well known social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok or Youtube. Posting quality videos or pictures of the internal work culture, company events or company projects allows people outside the company to have a brief overview of the company’s work culture.
  2. Having a good Employee Value Proposition (EVP). An employee value proposition (EVP) is the unique combination of advantages that an employee receives in return for the skills, talents, and experience they contribute to a firm. A good EVP allows a person to have a deeper motivation of why he or she wants to join your company. Some examples of employee value proposition (EVP) are such as financial rewards, benefits, career development opportunities and good company culture.
  3. Creating Fun and lively culture. A company’s culture determines how toxic or pleasant your work environment is to others. A good culture will definitely be able to foster a closer relationship among employees and their seniors. A simple implementation of open door policy can be a great culture to start off with. Companies can also create a fun area e.g. game filled fun area that stands out from other areas in the office.

With a good employer-branding approach, current and future potential employees will fall in love with the company. Satisfied personnel are companies’ great preachers and ambassadors. They can enhance or denigrate a company’s recognition with word-of-mouth, especially on social media channels or recognition systems.

A positive insight of the company to the outside world allows potential employees to have an idea of how it is like to work for the company, reducing turnover rate and the cost of hiring. Here is a list of companies that have been listed as the worlds best workplaces These can be a good learning reference to companies who are heading towards the employer branding direction. 

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